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Welcome to Russ Erickson’s studio!

Thank you for spending time browsing my online portfolio and welcome to my new website! You can now browse and purchase a large selection of my print editions, as well as browse through a wide variety of my original pieces. Original work can be seen in person at my exhibits or by appointment at my studio.


At my exhibits, I offer artwork unframed, or framed ready to hang.  I can also take orders at the show for custom pieces.  When I take a commission order, I talk through basic details and then arrange for a pick-up date at another exhibit later in the area, or a pick-up from my studio in Lisle, IL.  Online, however, There are size and weight limits on orders I can ship, so I can only ship small pieces.  Also, for Chicago-area collectors, I have a home studio where a pickup is a very easy option.


Recently I have limited my show schedule, choosing to focus on exhibiting in a smaller selection of fine Art Fairs.  This helps me stay closer to my family in the Midwest this year.   This new exhibit schedule includes a few dozen desirable shows throughout the country. Click the link to view this updated list.
Any questions can be addressed with a call to my studio phone number below.  I also appreciate color swatches mailed to me if so desired.  I can recommend the best color combinations or offer suggestions regarding a dramatic wall grouping.


Now Available – Limited Edition Chicago Cubs World Series Champs piece! Please visit the gallery page for more information on how to order this amazing new piece for a limited time!


Please return to my website often to browse through my ever-changing selection.  Be sure to drop a note and say hello!


“Thanks again for bringing my work into your home over these past twenty years!”

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  1. janet

    hello Russ,
    I have two of your beautiful paintings. will you be in or near Westchester NY anytime soon?
    thanks Janet

  2. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    The first weekend of May I will be at a show in Tarrytown, NY called Lyndhurst Estate. That’s the closest one I’ve got scheduled.

  3. Jennifer Bingham

    I purchased two of your beautiful painting this past season at the Coconut Point location in Estero, Florida. I was wondering if you would be coming back to this area? Cape Coral is not that far away and if you are not coming back closer to the Naples area I will try to make it to Cape Coral. Thank you…Jennifer Bingham

  4. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    Jennifer –

    I will be in Naples the weekend of March 21-22st, hope to see you there! Please check out my show calendar for more 2015 scheduling information.

  5. Kathy Morois

    I have a picture that appears to be an original…it is signed by you and is not a numbered print. In the bottom left corner is written Walk in the Park oil &link. It is of a man and a woman walking toward us on a lane with tire tracks…trees on both sides and an open area in the bottom front. Can you tell me about it and an estimated value? When I look at your walk in the park pictures on line, it looks like birds with umbrellas?

  6. Mary Greenhalgh

    Hello Russ,
    I purchased one of your breathtaking paintings, The very large Dogwood painting at The Oaks in Pennsylvania. Will you be returning there any time or can I order a smaller framed picture and have it mailed to me.

    Thank you ,
    Mary G.

  7. Sherry

    I recently purchased as resale 3 beautiful embossed watercolor paintings by Diane Erickson. Does she still do work? They are hand signed numbered. 3 small in a large frame.

  8. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    Diane is mostly retired from etching, but she does still do some pieces with hydrangeas, irises, or leaves. If you would be interested in any of these I can send pictures.

  9. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    Hi Mary,
    I will know within the next two months once I hear back from my application. As soon as I know I will post it as part of my show schedule on the website. In the meantime, let me know if you want to order something to be mailed. Thanks!

  10. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    In order to determine the value of that particular piece, can you email me a picture and it’s size? Thanks!

  11. richard cerullo

    I have a print I acquired some time ago. 1996 A Walk In The Park. Was this limited. For insurance can you tell me what it is worth. Thank You. Richard Cerullo

  12. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    The current value for that size print would be $450. I hope you are enjoying it!

    -Russ Erickson

  13. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    Thank you for the invitation.

    Russ Erickson

  14. Debra Alkow

    Just got signed and numbered print of a Walk into the park at night. I love it and was wondering insurance value? It is dated 1997

  15. Susun Haugen

    I am usually so picky with the pictures I buy that I end up not finding anything I enjoy. So imagine my surprise when I purchased not one but two prints today, both by you. I ran across both in a friend’s home today and offered to purchase them from her and I was so excited when she agreed. Thank you for renewing my belief that there are some excellent artists still out there. Could you let me know their insurance value, I would really hate to lose these two. Buckingham Fountain 29×9 1/2 and Garden Walk 25 1/2x 19 1/2. Again thank you so much, I will be looking out for more of your great work.

  16. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    If you email me a photo I could tell you what is is.
    Russ Erickson

  17. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    Thank you so much!
    Russ Erickson

  18. Sandra and Jack Grossman

    We were at the Las Olas art fair this past winter and purchased a piece of original art from you. It is similar to Dogwood, but with different colour tones. We would like to know if you have your schedule yet as to when you will be at art fairs in Florida, in particular the east coast, i.e. Las Olas, Deerfield, West Palm, etc. We are interested in scenes such as your “Walk in the Park” or similar, in the range of 44 inches X 32 inches or thereabouts….If you have your schedule for winter 2016 in Florida, we would be very appreciative if you could forward it to us so that we will be sure to visit your booth at that time. Thank you in advance, we look forward to hearing from you.

  19. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    Hi Sandra,

    By the end of the summer my schedule for Florida will be up on my website. I do shows from January through March in Florida. I do plan on doing Las Olas again and plenty others on the east coast. I do plenty of originals in the beginning of the season and I will have 30×40 pieces which the outside dimensions are about 35×45. Feel free to contact me via email at if you have a piece in mind that you would like me to bring specifically for you.

    Have a great day,

    Russ Erickson

  20. EricksonStudios (Post author)

    Hi Susun,

    The Garden Walk $255 and the Buckingham Fountain is $120. Thank you for your appreciation.

    -Russ Erickson

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