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Welcome to Russ Erickson’s studio!

Thank you for spending time browsing my online portfolio.  This website features my most popular original watercolor paintings.  If you seek a limited edition print, you will find a full assortment of sizes and colors at one of my nationwide exhibits.  Here you’ll find the most current originals and recent additions.


At Art Fairs I offer artwork unframed, or framed ready to hang.  I can also take orders at the show.  When I take a commission order, I talk through basic details and then arrange for a pick-up date at another Art Fair later in the area.  Online, however, There are size and weight limits on orders I can ship, so I choose not to ship often.  Also, for Chicago-area collectors, I have a home studio where a pickup is a very easy option.

Recently I have limited my show schedule, choosing to focus on exhibiting in a smaller selection of fine Art Fairs.  This helps me stay closer to my family in the Midwest this year.   This new exhibit schedule includes a few dozen desirable shows throughout the country. Click the link to view this updated list.
Any questions can be addressed with a call to my studio phone number below.  I also appreciate color swatches mailed to me if so desired.  I can recommend the best color combinations or offer suggestions regarding a dramatic wall grouping. I work out of my home so you will only find my artwork on display at the Art Fairs.


Please return to my website often to browse through my ever-changing selection.  Be sure to drop a note and say hello!

“Thanks again for bringing my work into your home over these past twenty years!”

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